From passion to ambition

Passion to explore. Passion to taste life. Passion to grow your business... in Den Nachtegael it all comes together. To winemaker Dirk Syx, wine is a rewarding product that depends on craftsmanship and commitment. The aroma, the colour, the taste and even the surroundings make each bottle and each glass special. Den Nachtegael is a place where wine is experienced by everyone who loves wine and good food.

From ambition to fulfilment

After an impressive career with Syx Automations, Dirk Syx returns to his agricultural roots with Den Nachtegael. In 2019, he took the step to create a completely new wine estate on Langemarkstraat, the very first professional wine estate in Zonnebeke.


Sinnebec, a terroir full of history

This mouth-filling Flemish country wine takes you back to the history of Zonnebeke. Derived from the best grapes and made with the latest technology...

Den Nachtegael, a welcoming estate

Den Nachtegael Wine Estate has extensive vineyards around its farm, an attractive winery with a wine terrace, an event hall and a tasting room. Here, quality, experience and relaxation are key.

The surroundings invite you to peacefully enjoy, discover and taste. You can try both estate grown wines and wines from just about every other Flemish wine estate.

Wine making is just one aspect of what we do. We will introduce you to the experience of wine.

An enterprising team with a passion for wine

Our team are talented professionals who love what they do and do it passionately. With great knowledge and experience, they combine perfectly aromatic, ripe grapes in a vineyard to create a truly delicious wine. They go for superiority in every detail and an out-of-the-box finish.

If you would like to sample the results of their hard work, feel free to drop by and get to know a unique variety of flavours.

Discover Den Nachtegael, its wines and host.

Den Nachtegael is happy to develop a personalised experience tailored to your group or company. Book now and enjoy an inspiring wine tasting experience, with or without food pairing, and some great other activities.