A team with know-how

One passion, many areas of expertise. Our team of talented professionals shares a love of wine and strives for the highest standard of quality wine. With an eye for detail, they create an optimal flavour and experience down to the smallest detail.

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Master wine brewer, Ĺ“nologist

Dirk Syx

"If I ever have time, I would like to do that myself." Well, that time has come. I left my international company Syx Automations to go back to my roots as a farmer. I am convinced that Belgium will become an excellent wine country in the future, so I took the step of creating an entirely new wine estate in Zonnebeke.

Cellar Master

Frederik Debruyne

I am not a magician. We just work hard in the vineyard to make the impossible possible.

A perfectly aromatic-ripe grape to make 1+1 more than 2.

We do everything possible to make every detail work perfectly and even more without losing sight of the goal.

I want to let people enjoy wine, not from that first glass of that bottle also the glasses that follow, in moderation and measure.

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